Horiba Pentra C400 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

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Horiba Pentra C400 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer


One Pentra C400 complete with all accessories

ABX Pentra C400 is an extremely compact Clinical Chemistry bench top analyzer. Its great autonomy with continuous loading provides enhanced productivity in a user-friendly environment



From routine to specific tests, perform them all on a single system

  • 55 on-board assays
  • Innovative cassette format
  • Integrated work station and validation station
  • Touch screen
  • Real-time viewing of your workflow




System Size 101 x 71 x 63cm (W x L x H)
System Weight 120 kg
External Cooling Unit Size 29 x 42 x 40cm (W x L x H)
External Cooling Unit Weight 35 kg
Printer Printer
Sound level < 60 dBa
Operating temperature from 15 to 32°C
Operating Humidity from 20 to 85%
Total Power Requirements (with Printer) 1000 VA
Water De-ionized/Distilled Water – 10L Tank
Water specifications · Resistivity > 5 MegOhms

· Conductivity < 0.2 µS/cm


Computer & Software

Operating system Windows 10
Data processing · 12 inch Color LCD Touch Screen

· Database Capacity: 100,000 results

· Processor: 600 MHz

· RC 232C: Patient results, QC to LIS with ASTM protocol

Integrated Validation Station
Quality Control Management Levey Jennings, Automatic QC, Default controls and Westgard rules
Logs · Reagents, Quality Control, Calibrations

· Applications, Maintenance, Sequencing, Flags and Alarms

Export of archived data and Quality Control data (QCP) USB key
Audible alarms
Interactive Help HTML Format


Optical System

Tungsten-halogen Lamp
Measurement Principle · Bi-chromatic light absorbance

· Choice of 15 wavelengths from 340 to 700 nm

· Wavelength selection with holographic grating     technology

Sensor Photo diode array
Optical Linearity 2.5 A. at 340mm; 3.0 at other wavelengths

Test Menu

Drugs of Abuse Basic Metabolic Panel Comprehensive Renal Panel Additional Chemistries
Amphetamine Calcium Metabolic Panel Albumin Amylase
Barbiturate Creatinine Albumin Calcium CK
Benzodiazepine Glucose Alkaline Phosphatase CO2 C-Reactive Protein
Buprenorphine BUN ALT Creatinine GGT
Cannabinoid (THC) Sodium (ISE) AST Glucose Iron
Cocaine Potassium (ISE) Total Bilirubin Phosphorus HbA1c
Ecstasy (MDMA) Chloride (ISE) Calcium BUN Lactic Acid
Ethyl Alcohol (ETOH) CO2 CO2 Sodium (ISE) LDH
Methadone Hepatic Panel Creatinine Potassium (ISE) LDL Cholesterol
Methadone Metab (EDDP) Albumin Glucose Chloride (ISE) Lipase
Opiate Alkaline Phosphatase Total Protein Lipid Panel Magnesium
Oxycodone ALT BUN Cholesterol Microalbumin
Phencyclidine (PCP) AST Sodium (ISE) HDL Cholesterol Phosphorus
Propoxyphene (PPX) Total Bilirubin Potassium (ISE) Triglycerides Uric Acid
Adulterants Direct Bilirubin Chloride (ISE) Urinary Proteins
Creatinine Total Protein Vitamin D
Specic Gravity
Therapeutic Drugs Anemia Panel
Acetaminophen Iron
Amikacin Ferritin
Digoxin *Folate
Gentamicin TIBC
Tobramycin Transferrin
Tricyclics *Vitamin B12