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Beckman Coulter AcT Diff 2 Hematology Analyzer

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Beckman Coulter Act Diff 2 Hematology Analyzer

The Beckman Coulter AcT Diff II Hematology Analyzer delivers performance value and safety for physician office labs and smaller laboratories. It’s an affordable easy-to-use system that offers a small sample volume in both open and closed analysis modes a wide operating range and multiple output formats.

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– Closed vial sampling that accommodates a variety of collection of tube sizes

– Small 18 uL sample size in either closed or open vial modes

– User-definable high/low flagging of patient results and quality control simplifies data interpretation

– Automated quality assurance functions improve productivity

– Closed vial sampling for controls and calibrators provides operator safety

– Compact benchtop design requires only two square feet of counter space

– Zero routine maintenance and high system reliability help contain costs


Running samples is as simple as:

– Select sample mode and verify ID via the intuitive touch-screen

– Place sample or control tube into the closed vial sample station

– Review results in less than 60 seconds

Test Menu

WBC White Blood Cell or leukocyte count
LY# Lymphocyte number
LY% Lymphocyte percent (or ratio)
MO# Mononuclear cell number
MO% Mononuclear cell percent (or ratio)

GR# Granulocyte number

GR% Granulocyte percent (or ratio)

RBC Red Blood Cell or erythrocyte count

Hgb Hemoglobin concentration

Hct Hematocrit (relative volume of erythrocytes)

MCV Mean Corpuscular (erythrocyte) Volume

MCH Mean Corpuscular (erythrocyte) Hemoglobin

MCHC Mean Corpuscular (erythrocyte) Hemoglobin Concentration

Plt Platelet or thrombocyte count

RDW Red Cell (erythrocyte volume) Distribution Width

MPV Mean Platelet (thrombocyte) Volume

Pct‡ Plateletcrit

PDW‡ Platelet Distribution Width