Auto-Pure 96 Nucleic Acid Purification System

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Auto-Pure 96 Nucleic Acid Purification System


OneAutoPure 96 purification system complete with all accessories.

Auto-Pure 96/Auto-Pure 48/Auto-Pure 24 nucleic acid purification system adopts magnetic bead separation technology, using 96 deep-well plates, 96 magnetic rod’s tip (1,000 µL reaction system); 3 mL kit, 48 magnetic rod’s tip (3,000 µL reaction system); 10 mL kit, 24 magnetic rod’s tip (10,000 µL reaction system) with different types of magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kits. It can operate 1-96 samples, 1-48 samples or 1-24 samples in one run. It only takes 30~60 minutes to quickly extract DNA and RNA from the samples.



  • Simple and intelligent operation

Front door can be opened, you can stop it at any moment which is very convenient for reagent optimization and experimental status viewing

Start with self-check, equipped with power-off protection

8-plate identification design guaranteed their target position, even though external forces exist

Automatic detection in case kit missing

  • Antipollution measures

Avoid reagent splashing through drip shield plate and beads dried way controlled by software

Disposable consumables which can avoid cross contamination

  • Reliable structure and stable operation

Adopt lead screw drive to realize high-precision lifting movement

Patent structure design with center rotary table which makes it occupies smaller area
Patent design for automatic loading and unloading structure of magnetic rod tip comb, which guaranteed stability and liability (success rate >99.99 %)

  • High quality and fast extraction

Auto-Pure 96 can process 96×1 ml samples simultaneously

Auto-Pure 48 can process 48×3 ml samples simultaneously

Auto-Pure 24 can process 24×10 ml samples simultaneously

Effectively avoid the influence of human factors on the experiment

  • Open design, free program editing

Accurate temperature control at RT+5 ℃-120 ℃

Single machine can realize program editing

The software has complete functions and is suitable for all kinds of magnetic bead method reagents.

Diversified mixing and magnetic attraction methods are beneficial to reagent optimization






Auto-Pure 96



1~96 (Auto-Pure 96)


Process volume

50~1000 µL (Auto-Pure 96)



96 deep well plate + 96 magnetic rod’s tip (Auto-Pure 96


Principle/working mode

Magnetic bead method, magnetic rod type/circular rotary table type


Purification accuracy

100 copy sample positive rate>95 %



CV<5 %


Collection efficiency

>95 %


Heating for lysis tube

Ambient temperature~120 °C


Heating for elution tube

Ambient temperature~120 °C



7-inch touch screen, 3 shortcut keys, external mouse


Internal program

Preset 8 programs, max store 100 programs


Protocol management

Create, edit, delete, protocol mode


Extension interface

4 standard USB port, Ethernet port, wifi, built-in SD card





Pollution control

UV sterilization





Power supply

300 W



23×25×20 mm



54 kg