Abbott Laboratories ID NOW™ Covid-19 PCR

The ID NOW™ COVID-19 rapid test delivers high-quality molecular positive results in as little as 5 minutes, targeting the coronavirus (COVID-19) RdRp Gene.

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The ID NOW™ COVID-19 assay is now available for use on the ID NOW platform under U.S. Food and Drug Administration Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Timely results enable healthcare professionals to make appropriate and more efficient treatment and infection control decisions. EUA supports flexible near patient testing environments. ID NOW™ is a leading molecular point-of-care platform in the United States, trusted by hospitals, physician offices, and urgent care clinics nationwide.

In the fight against COVID-19, having multiple tests for different settings and stages of a person’s infection is key, from high-volume laboratory capabilities to fast solutions that give results on the spot, from tests that detect the active virus to tests that detect antibodies in people who were previously infected. The portable, rapid molecular ID NOW COVID-19 test has emerged as a critical part of this arsenal, allowing fast diagnosis — with results in 13 minutes or less — in a variety of locations such as physicians’ offices, urgent care clinics and other point-of-care locations. Find out more about this innovative technology and its impact here.


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  • Positive results may be detected in as little as 5 minutes
  • Negativeresults in 13 minutes
  • Molecular technology targeting COVID-19 RdRp gene
  • Designed for near patient testing in a variety of healthcare environments1
  • Room temperature storage
  • Direct sample types include: Nasal, Throat, and Nasopharyngeal swabs
  • Facilitates effective patient management



  • Dimensions – 8.15” W x 5.71” H x 7.64” D (207 mm W x 145 mm H x 194 mm D)
  • Simple operation via visual touchscreen
  • Small footprint enables ease of use at point of care