Beckman Coulter / Olympus AU680 Chemistry Analyzer

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 Beckman Coulter / Olympus AU680 Chemistry Analyzer

The AU680 intuitive graphical user interface includes:

  • Sample tracking
  • Patient statistics
  • User-customized menu
  • Color alerts to highlight system operating conditions

AU-proven reliability enables greater uptime with quick and easy parts replacement

  • No tools required
  • No more than three steps, no longer than 60 seconds, for parts such as sample and reagent probes, mixers and syringes
  • Online help videos guide the operator on proper technique when performing maintenance procedures and parts replacement, which enables greater system uptime

Additionally, the AU680 chemistry analyzer provides:

  • Integration of pre-analytical automation and immunoassay is attainable with AU680 Direct Track Sampling to Power Processor and connectivity to UniCel DxI 600/800 systems
  • Command Central integrated with REMISOL Advance* enables remote monitoring of and access to instruments and automation consoles from a single workstation, optimizing laboratory management and improving decision-making
  • Cooled STAT compartment provides one-button STAT interrupt and advanced auto QC and calibration capabilities
  • High-precision microsampling provides accurate and precise results
  • Priority sample repeat/reflex reduces turnaround time for critical patients
  • Long-lasting ISEs minimize downtime and reduce operating costs
  • Large 150-sample rack loader provides for optimal sample processing during peak workload periods
  • Whole blood sampling capability is used for HbA1c testing

Get reliable, proven backup for your primary analyzers


Maybe your lab runs 2+ AU5400 or 5800s to handle the majority of your tests.

On an average day, when both primary analyzers are running at full capacity, most common stat tests can be done quicker on your refurbished AU680.

Getting those stat tests done separately and quickly takes the burden off your shoulders. Gets results to patients or clinicians faster. And makes the lab run better.

But even large labs have to manage their expenses carefully. They have to be profitable.

You can get financing terms quickly with us. Then the increase in efficiency, reduced overall testing downtime, and increased stat patient throughput (coupled with the low purchase price of a refurbished chemistry analyzer) account for most of your payments.

The improvements in your lab pay for themselves.

Manage your capital equipment budget easily


Refurbished chemistry analyzers, like an AU680 or any other in the Beckman Coulter AU series, make it easier to manage your large expenses.

Your refurbished analyzers are returned to oem-or-better condition (because over the last 15 years, replacement parts have improved in quality).

You reduce the wear and tear on your primary analyzers. You reduce the cost of repairs.

You may extend the lifespan of your more expensive chemistry analyzers by 5+ years.

Make it easier to hire and retain new staff in California


Hiring new staff in your lab is challenging.

Experienced operators can step into any lab and quickly adapt. They can handle the steep learning curve of a new chemistry analyzer and get proficient fast.

But the pool of experienced operators is small.

So your lab spends a lot of time searching for them. And when you can’t find them, you spend a lot of time finding an acceptable candidate and training them up.

The time you put into that inexperienced candidate is risky.

    • They might not be able to get a handle on the complexity of your primary analyzers.
    • Training is expensive. It costs you and your experienced operators time. It costs money in errors and waste.
    • After all your training, they may move on to a higher paying job. Leaving you to do it all again.

Hiring and onboarding new staff costs you close to $20,000.

Equipping your lab with a refurbished Beckman Coulter AU680 or other AU-series analyzer makes most of that hassle obsolete.

1. Because it’s been in circulation for more than 15 years, there’s a good chance that most inexperienced candidates have still used it. They’re likely even proficient using it.

2. Your training time is drastically reduced.

3. Their rate of errors is drastically reduced.

4. The oversight you have to give them in the first 9 months is drastically reduced.

It’s a bit like a babysitter for baby lab techs. But you don’t have to buy it pizza.

Shrink your cost per test this week


Contact us here with your testing volume.

We’ll send you a quote with your annual cost for reagents, whether your lab currently uses a Beckman Coulter AU680 or any other analyzer.

Can compare it to your expenses for last year to decide if it’s worth switching.

It will be.

Most suppliers won’t give small and medium-sized labs the most competitive pricing on reagents.

But we don’t discriminate.

You need reagents and you need to be frugal. Your existing supplier treats you like a number. We treat you like a partner.

Three ways to slash your cost per test



1. Increase efficiency and improve the way you handle stat tests (both of which you can do with a refurbished AU680).

2. Shrink the budget you spend on reagents by getting a better annual price from us.

3. Reduce your downtime for routine maintenance and unexpected breakdowns by working with IDE, your local California chemistry analyzer service provider.

Get personal, responsive service  that values your time

How many times have you had to convince your service provider you need them

How often have they patronized you. Frustrated you. Treated you like you’re doing something wrong.

When you call us for service, you dont’ have to convince us about how you tried to fix it. You don’t have to convince us something is wrong.

Just call. Say you need us. And we’ll figure out the best way to fix your problem.

“If I’m working late and I suddenly have a problem with our main analyzer, it’s a nightmare. Out of the blue I’m the only tech having to draw blood, run on backup, and try to fix the main.”

– Experienced Medtech, UCLA Health

It’s not your job to know how to fix your chemistry analyzer. You serve patients. You’re responsible for a huge volume of data.

We offer same-day phone support. So you never have to attempt a repair on your own. We’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do and we’ll stay on the line until you’re up and running.

That’s the work and the worry we take off your shoulders.

Service for your Beckman Coulter AU680 

Get everything, from parts to reagents to preventative maintenance and other service, in one place. Build a relationship and get the personal attention your lab wants. Don’t get treated like a number.

Preventative maintenance

Get ahead of impending errors and limit downtime.

Tailored service agreements

Don’t sign on for a one-size-fits-all solution. Choose a bespoke service agreement for your unique challenges.

Same day phone support

You don’t always need to wait for someone to come to you. Sometimes you just need to talk through your problem. Get that help today.

Affordable depot service

It costs money to send an engineer to your site. Instead, send your instruments to us for repairs, service, or refurbishment.

Decontamination and relocation

This isn’t like moving a couch. Get qualified help to move your valuable instruments.

Installation, training, validation

Get installation, IQ/OQ validation, onsite structural review, power connection, alignment validation, calibration and quality control. Plus, get professional training for lab technicians to safely and correctly use instruments and perform tests and basic maintenance (reducing your long term costs).

Upgrade your lab at a low cost. Trade in your instrument to save!


You lab may have outgrown your AU680.

Trade it in and put the value toward an upgrade.

There’s always another lab that could use your old analyzer. We’ll rebuild it from the frame and ensure it continues to provide value to your colleagues in another lab.

It’s a great way to maintain your lab’s low environmental impact and stop old materials from ending up in a landfill.

Plus, it will have a huge impacct on the price of your upgrade.

Get notified when the analyzer you want is in stock


We regularly receive in-demand analyzers to refurbish.

If the refurbished chemistry analyzer you want isn’t in stock right now, sign up for our mailing list below.

We’ll let you know when it is.



Analytical System

Fully automated, random-access clinical chemistry system with STAT capability

Analytical Principles

Spectrophotometry and potentiometry

Analytical Types

Endpoint, rate, fixed point and indirect ISE

Analytical Methods

Colorimetry, turbidimetry, latex agglutination, homogeneous EIA, indirect ISE

Simultaneously Processed Analytes

60 photometric tests + 3 ISE


800 photometric tests/hour; up to 1,200 with ISE

Sample Types

Serum, plasma, urine, whole blood (HbA1c) and other fluids

Sample Feeder

Racks with 10 samples each (barcodes on primary tubes and on racks); capacity of 150 samples; continuous loading

Sample Tubes

In primary and secondary tubes; diameter between 11.5 and 16.5 mm; height between 55 and 102 mm

STAT Samples

Up to 22 positions for STAT samples, barcoded primary tubes

Sample Volume

1–25 μL in 0.1 μL increments (1–25 μL for repeats)

Reagent Supply

60 positions for R1, 48 positions for R2; refrigerated: 4–12°C; handling of 3-shot reagents

Reagent Volume

R1: 15–250 μL; R2: 15–250 μL; in 1 μL increments

Total Reaction Volume

120–425 μL

Reaction Cuvette

Quartz cuvettes

Reaction Time

Up to 8 minutes, 40 seconds

Reaction Temperature


Mixing Method

With rotating paddles after dispensing sample and reagent

Photometry System

Direct assay through the reaction cuvette (0–3.0 OD) mono and bichromatic measurements possible


13 different wavelengths between 340–800 nm

Cuvette Cleaning

Comprehensive cleaning with detergents


Autocalibration, cooled calibrator positions; master calibration established by two-dimensional barcode on the reagent bottle (>3-point calibration)

Quality Control

Auto QC, cooled QC positions

Test Requisition

Individual and profile test requisition via online, mouse, function keys or touch screen


Clot detection and crash prevention for sample and reagent dispenser


Full uni- and bi-directional communication possible


Windows 7®

Data Storage

Sample number: 100,000 samples. Reaction data: 200,000 tests.

Dimensions (WxHxD)

ANL 1,950×1,280×1,000

Power Supply

200 V; 208 V; 220 V; 230 V; 240 V; 50 Hz; 60 Hz/3.8 KVA

Test Menu

Acetaminophen D-Dimer Phosphorus
ALT Digoxin Prealbumin
Albumin Disopyramide Primidone
Alcohol Ecstasy Procainamide
ALP Ethosuximide Propoxyphene
a1-acid glycoprotein Ferritin Quinidine
a1-antitrypsin Fructosamine Rheumatoid Factor
Amikacin GGT Salicylate
Ammonia Gentamicin T-Uptake
Amphetamine Glucose Theophylline
Amylase Haptoglobin Thyroxin, Total
Anti-strepolysin O HDL Cholesterol, Direct Tobramycin
Apolipoprotein A1 Hemoglobin A1c Transferrin
Apolipoprotein B IgA Triglyceride
Barbiturate IgM Urea Nitrogen
Benzodiazepine Iron Uric Acid
B2 Microglobulin Lactate Dehydrogenase Valproic Acid
Bicarbonate Lactate Vancomycin
Bilirubin, Direct LDL Cholesterol, Direct
Bilirubin, Total Lidocaine
CRP, hs Lipase
CRP Lithium
C3 Complement LSD
C4 Complement Magnesium
Caffeine Methadone
Calcium Methaqualone
Carbamazepine Methotrexate
Ceruloplasmin Microalbumin
Chloride N-Acetylprocainamide
Cholinesterase Opiate Metabolite
Cocaine Metabolite Oxycodone
CK-MB Phencyclidine (PCP)
CK-NAC Phenobarbital
Creatinine Phenytoin

AU Consumables

Beckman Coulter AU680 and AU-series replacement parts

Replacement parts for your Beckman Coulter AU-series chemistry analyzer are in stock and ready to ship today. Place your order before 5pm EST!

AU Reagents

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